The rise of the “ugly” sneaker

It’s 2018 on a sunny day in the streets of Braamfontein, Juta Street to be specific and I see my peers around me strolling in biker shorts, fanny packs, formal pants and sneakers that look like they were stolen from my dad, but in 1986! I suddenly felt out of place with my classic Vans that I just got not so long ago. As the year went… Continue reading The rise of the “ugly” sneaker


How designers turn inspiration into fashion

  You ever wonder how a fashion collection can be inspired by something other than..well fashion?  In the fashion industry, it’s very hard to say “Who did it first” because everything influences each other from the streets to the runway. It may have been that back in the day, many designers took their inspiration from people walking in… Continue reading How designers turn inspiration into fashion

The relevance of Fashion Week

Before the first ever “Fashion Week”, which was held in New York in 1943, American retailers used the idea of theatrical“Fashion parades” to promote their stores and new collections. Today, many countries curate their own versions of “Fashion Week”, including South Africa. “Fashion Week” is a runway showcase of the latest fashion trends and promotes talented designers so that their designs and collections can… Continue reading The relevance of Fashion Week

the psychology of black womxn

Invisibility Double Jeopardy hypothesis Sisterhood Strength Power Black :A visual representation and interpretation of the psychology of black womxn As black womxn, there’s no doubt that we suffer from discrimination, hate and sexism, to name a few. Black womxn have to overcome the challenges of “double jeopardy hypothesis” which means that we fall under two… Continue reading the psychology of black womxn

Personal happiness

Everyone wants to be happy but attaining happiness and keeping it isn’t always easy so how do we achieve and increase our personal happiness? Firstly, we need to establish what “personal happiness” really is. According to Social psychology, Personal happiness involves 4 basic components: 1. General life satisfaction 2. Satisfaction with important life factors 3.… Continue reading Personal happiness